In ASCD’s the Principal Influence (2016), reflective leaders embrace two key elements: Possibility and Intentionality:

Possibility: Progressive and future-oriented people talk often of their goals, dreams, and what may come by creating vision boards, mapping the future, and considering possibilities. These leaders don’t just play it safe by simply accepting what is, they lead with a strategic plan of what could be and they act upon that vision.

Intentionality: Possibilities only become realities only when they are appropriately acted upon. Effective leaders embrace action and perform with intentionality. Intentionality suggests a true consciousness and understanding of the current academic state – as well as a vision for future possibilities – and indicates the leader’s willingness to enact a strategic plan for movement.

Leaders that exhibit both of these elements are not just verbalize but are easily visible and articulated by the campus staff. This is the perfect week for reflective thinking. In our last meeting you had the opportunity to receive feedback from colleagues to improve PLC’s and you have recent data that assessed student performance. Be reflective, embrace possibility and intentionality.

Dr. Cherie Washington
President of FWAABSE

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